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Wireless Colour Spy Camera Hidden in Wall Clock

Super pinhole micro camera hidden in a fully-functional wall clock. Hidden camera so tiny almost impossible to detect!

Our price : $ 98.75 (Shipping is free!)

This is a super pinhole micro camera hidden in a *fully-functional* wall clock! It features a normal looking wall clock with clock functions. The micro cam hidden inside the wall clock wirelessly transmits the LIVE COLOUR video back to the TV for monitoring, and or a VCR for recording!

This is a great COLOUR camera system that is perfect for watching over your house, children or office.

Because this system is powered by a standard 9-volt battery, the micro cam will continue transmitting its signals, completely undetected, for hours upon hours, or just use the AC adapter(not included) with your micro cam system for nonstop transmission.

Typical Applications For This System:

  • Normal wall clock
  • Nanny camera
  • Small business surveillance
  • Great for any application requiring small size and portable battery use
  • Covert operation


  • Transmit amazing COLOUR video up to 300 metres(Straight-Line of Sight) and through walls.
  • Resolution Equals 380 TV Lines
  • Video format: PAL or NTSC available
  • Minimum Illumination Only 3.00 Lux.
  • Full Motion Real Time Colour Video without delay
  • Camera Operates On One 9V Battery.
  • Receiver Requires DC 9V Adapter.
Each package will include all items below:
  • One wall clock with super COLOUR spy camera hidden.
    (actual clock color or style may differ from picture shown)
  • One Wireless Receiver (colour may differ from picture)   
  • One RCA cable

Please note power supply or battery are not included with camera/receiver unless stated otherwise. We recommend you include power supplies in your order.

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